Shift from Physical to

Digital Inventory

Our platform empowers manufacturers to provide spare parts on-demand and worldwide – from professionals for professionals.

Improve your aftermarket business with additive manufacturing as a service by Replique.

Cost Savings & Efficiency for Small and Medium Series
Global Reach & Scalability with Professional Network
Improved Aftermarket Services & Innovation
Quality Assurance & IP Security with Full Encryption
End-to-End Services & Lean Integration

How It Works – You Choose. We Execute.

With Replique it is only a 3-step-journey from a physical to an operational digital inventory.

identify & validate

Identify & Validate

We offer consultation to identify 3D printable parts, and select the right material and technology. We can also do simulations, new designs and design optimizations.

digitize & store

Digitize & Store

Safely store your parts in our digital inventory. We connect your existing ordering and sales channels to our platform. Everything works as usual – only easier.

Order & Fulfill

Order & Fulfill

We handle your orders, on-demand production and packing & shipping through our secure network, based on their 3D printing capabilities, capacities and location.

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Our Value Proposition – Because We Know

Exactly What You Need

We believe that services of today need to be easy to use and reliable. That’s why we combine our secure digital platform with professional additive manufacturing consultation. Start your 3D printing journey with us – smooth and secure.


Intellectual Property needs to stay in the right hands. That is why we take strong measures to encrypt all data sets on our platform. Moreover we close non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with all our manufacturing partners, so your design is safe with us.


We recruit highly experienced and professional service bureaus to our ecosystem. Moreover, we can offer ISO 9001 certification and the qualification of manufacturing processes, e. g. according to GMP (good manufacturing practice). To top it of, we enforce strict printing parameters for our production partners to ensure high quality parts.

Global Reach

Parts can be produced anywhere and anytime. Our expert network supports all state-of-the-art 3D printing techniques (FDM, SLS, MJF, SLA etc.) and materials (polymers, metals, composites).Manufacturing close to the point of consumption makes the supply chain simple and more sustainable.​

Engineering Expertise

Backed by BASF, our engineers support you with design knowledge as well as 3D printing technology and material expertise. We also offer 3D spare part design and simulation, reverse engineering, aswell as design optimization for additive manufacturing.

Lean Process Integration

We integrate your digital inventory with your ERP or other ordering and e-commerce channels. Once connected, incoming orders will automatically be forwarded to the right manufacturing partner in our network. Streamline the print to order process for internal and external orderings.

High Scalability with Low Risk

With Replique you can easily expand your spare part business without the downsides of high fixed costs. With our digital inventory and on-demand 3D printing we turn fixed costs into variable costs. Thus, costs only occur when parts are ordered.

End-to-End Solution

Replique is a solution for all steps of your 3D printing journey. From design to storage, order management, production and distribution – we help you turn your projects into success stories.

Customer References

“In a very fregmented market, Replique is the only company, that provides deep knowledge as well as the right partner network to provide a turnkey solution. Highly scalable and reliable.”

David Buhl, Innovation Management Room Care at Miele

“The combination of engineering expertise and a secure platform which Replique provides was a game changer in our 3D printing journey. Replique allows us to ramp up new parts fast and flexible.”

Peter Benthues, CDO at H. Gautzsch Firmengruppe

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